Welcome to Rachana Natyalaya.

Rachana Natyalaya is a   pre-eminent institution that has become one of the foremost centers for   learning Indian classical and folk dance forms in Australia.

Our Mission is to promote various performing arts of India and go beyond providing instruction in dance and help in broader development of human and cultural values. Our motto is to make our graduates not only good dancers but also cultured individuals as well.

Rachana Natyalaya selects students after careful consideration based on their interest towards dance and respect to the culture, and almost all are students pursuing general education in schools and colleges.

Rachana Natyalaya gives more importance to cater individual attention by limiting the number of students in every batch. The teaching and learning ambience is friendly but the training is systematic and disciplined.

In addition to learning dance students are encouraged to learn to do their own make-up and design their costumes, stage behavior, self-respect and lot of other things which will increase confidence and interest in a pupil.   The students are clearly taught the background and meanings of each dance composition they learn, this helps them to understand and perform the items in a better way.

Archana Kuncha Koorthy, the artistic director is a qualified dance teacher done her diploma in performing arts from the Telugu University of Andhra Pradesh.

Smt. Archana Kuncha Koorthy, Guru and Artistic Director

Bright and talented Archana Kuncha Koorthy is a skillful performer. Her   incomparable talent is an outcome of hard work and depth of understanding of the art form.  Her inner strength, confidence and mastery over dance made her one of the best teachers of Indian classical dances. She puts her sole in choreographing every dance and all her dance performances are both beautiful and significant.

Archana Kuncha Koorthy started her dance career at the age of 5 and never looked back.  Her gurus include Smt. Sumathi Kaushal of Nritya Shikara, Smt. Usha Manjari, and Shri. Narasinga Rao and Smt.  Uma Rama Rao of Andhra Pradesh Government Telugu University where she finished her Degree in performing arts.

Successfully did her Ranga Pravesham (Arangetram) in the guidance of Smt. Sumathi Kaushal in 1985.

Archana acquired good teaching skills from her gurus and developed some by herself during the years of her experience as a dance teacher in India, New Zealand and Australia.  She is very flexible and can make friendship with children, develop and maintain good rapport with them. She has experience in teaching kids aged 3years and above.

Awards for Excellence:

  • Gold medal for her best performance in Haryana folk dance.
  • Title Snake of Hyderabad for her best performance in Snake and Peacock Dance by Amish Art Theatre, A.P India.
  • Appreciation from Vishwa Shanti Ashram Inc., NZ.
  • Golden Dancer of New Zealand for her best performance  in Asia Pacific Dance Competition held at Auckland, NZ (1997)
  • Appreciation from Auckland Multicultural Society Inc. and Mayor of Auckland for her best performance in “Unity in Diversity”.
  • Indian Media Award for excellence in Choreography  form Asian Chamber of Commerce NZ.
  • Appreciation from Auckland Ramayan Sanstha Trust.
  • Appreciation from the ‘EDGE’ Auckland City Council.
  • Appreciation from Manukau City Council and New Plymouth City Council for Waitangi Day performances.
  • Appreciation from Radio Tarana, Auckland NZ.

Performances (Stage / TV / Movies):

  • Given more than 1000 performances in India, New  Zealand, USA and Dubai.
  • Participated in Filmotsav (International Film Festival)
  • Performed in Good Morning Show, the talent search show, which is telecasted in TV2 of New Zealand Television.
  • Given programs for New Zealand Indian TV channels like Nayan TV and Usha TV
    Acted in various movies, TV serials and Anchoring for TV shows.

Choreographed and conducted many Stage Shows, events and Arangetrams